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A Summery Lakeside Stroll and a Visit to Mies van der Rohe Haus in Obersee-Orankesee Park

We set out towards the northern edge of Berlin to explore Orankesee’s shoreline. We’ve teamed up with the electric car sharing provider WeShare to guide you to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in and around Berlin.

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Orankesee’s Western Shore

Car 30 min
Berlin city centre 8 km
Berlin Edition p. 113

We highly recommend this little excursion for anyone in Berlin looking to enjoy a change of scenery. Head up to Oberspree Park to take a stroll through the park that connects Orankesee and Obersee’s shorelines. Take the time to admire the glistening waters and gently swaying trees before making your way over to Orankesee Terrassen for takeaway and refreshments.

take Me To The Lake Orankesee 1

We set out from the city centre with our car and reach our destination in less than half an hour. It’s also easy to get here via public transportation or by bike. We park our car and make our way towards Orankesee’s western shoreline on foot.

Strandbad Orankesee is the only point around the lake from which bathing in these crystal clear 6.7 metre deep waters is permitted. The public beach opens its doors to bathers in summer. Relaxing beach chairs and a child-friendly waterslide set the scene for an idyllic afternoon by the lake. It can get very crowded here on hot days, and you’ll find quieter places to relax if you head away from the sand and over to the lawn.

take Me To The Lake Orankesee

Directions Parkplatz Orankesee



Continuing on our walk, we make our way towards Obersee, where breathtaking views await. These two lakes are so unusually close to each other because they formed as part of the glacial lake chain, which also includes Weiße See and Malchower See. We walk around the entire circumference of the lake and watch the birds nesting in the wilderness park on the tiny island. Finally, we step out from the natural scenery and make our way through the upscale residential area that borders on both lakes’ northern shorelines.

takemetothelakes Bernsteinsee

If you’re interested in art and architecture, it’s worth stopping by Mies van der Rohe House for a little cultural excursion (be sure to check their opening hours). The view of the building and gardens is still worth a peek on days when the space is closed.

After a relaxing afternoon at the water’s edge and stroll through the surrounding scenery, we head back to our car and make our way back to the city. We can’t wait to head back up and cool off in these crystal clear waters this summer!

takemetothelakes Flakensee Neu 16


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