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A Solitary Escape to Liepnitzsee’s Turquoise Waters in Brandenburg

From Berlin to Brandenburg, and back again…

Car 45 min
from Berlin city centre 32 km
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Waldbad Liepnitzsee

Waldbad Liepnitzsee is located on the lake’s northwestern shore, not far from Wandlitz, Brandenburg. It features a large lawn for sunbathing, an open area with direct access to the water and boat rentals.

take Me To The Lake Liepnitzsee Strand

Directions Waldbad Liepnitzsee


The Beach in the Forest

If the lake’s glistening waters are drawing you in, continue along the path and search for Liepnitzsee’s second bathing spot. Here, you’ll find a sandy beach on the lake’s western shore from which you can try to swim to the island, permitted you are a strong swimmer.

liepnitzsee Bearbeitet 9

Directions The Beach in the Forest


The View from the Island

Just west of Großer Werder, the third spot is a great place to observe the boats travelling to and from the island. A rope swing dangling from a tree entices you to jump into the water.

take Me To The Lake Liepnitzsee Insel

Directions The View of the Island


The Glade

The fourth spot is a glade not far from the ferry station on the lake’s northern bank. This is the perfect place to spend a hot day in the shade.

liepnitzsee Bearbeitet 5

Directions The Glade


Liepnitzsee has a surface area of 1.15 km2 and a maximum depth of 17.5 m. In summer, water clarity is extremely high with average values of 4.5 m. It is unique in that it plays host to a large island called Großer Werder. The island has a surface area of 0.34 km2. To get to Großer Werder, simply hop on the little ferry that goes by the name of Frieda. Remember to bring your own towel and be sure to grab some refreshments at the beer garden on the island. A short walk through the woods will lead you to a small, sandy beach where you can spend the day swimming and sunbathing.

Walking along the lake’s northern shore, you’ll discover a couple of spots, smaller and more secluded than Liepnitzsee’s busier beaches. The soothing sounds of the forest make for the perfect backdrop as the wind sweeps through the tall trees’ branches.

Nearby lakes

If you want to extend your day trip, we recommend stopping by Wandlitzer See (head to the book for more details) and Obersee before returning back home to Berlin.


liepnitzsee Bearbeitet 5

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