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Longing for Downtime

Take Me to the Lakes is a marriage between limnology, photography, design, recreation, relaxation and wanderlust.

We hope to broaden your horizons and inspire you to venture beyond the cities’ borders and busy streets. Get ready to embark on your very own journey of exploration.

Our Lake Editions

How do you figure out which lakes are worth the precious time you have off from your busy, urban life? Where can you seek out the most spectacular views? Where will you find the clearest waters? Which beach promises fun for the whole family? And where should you head if you’re looking for a secluded and tranquil getaway off the grid? These are just some of the questions our books set out to answer.

Towels in tow, we spent the entire summer travelling to wondrous lakes in the area around Berlin, Hamburg, München and NRW. Countless sandy shores, green lawns, wooden piers and refreshing sundowners later, we narrowed down our list of lakes to a select 50 for each book. The lakes were chosen for the beauty of their natural surroundings, their unique character and the quality of their waters.

Our Weekender Editions

Touring these fascinating bodies of water in every cardinal direction, we were delighted to come across beautiful bungalows and mesmerising holiday homes. Some establishments granted us informative walk-throughs. And others were so serene, we couldn’t resist staying the night.

As city dwellers we know all too well how re-energising a weekend in the countryside can be–so we decided to share our top lakeside getaways with you as an exciting add-on in our Weekender Editions.

The slow-living idea has long since influenced the way we travel. You don’t have to travel thousands of kilometres when the good is so close at hand. With our publications we want to accompany this development.

Our Publisher

Take Me to the Lakes is published and distributed by our publishing house “The Gentle Temper”.

The Gentle Temper is an independent Berlin-based publishing house focusing on travel, photography and design, founded in 2016.

2020 Catalogue

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For book proposals, collaborative projects or any other requests, reach out to us anytime. We look forward to meeting you!

Longing for Downtime

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