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Cosy Getaways for Couples: Three Weekend Escapes North of Berlin

Over the years, we have come to discover many places off the beaten path, tucked away between forests and lakes. Delve into three of our favourite finds, and start planning your next romantic getaway.

Fotos Forsthaus Strelitz, Re:Hof Rutenberg, Wasserferienwelt Rügen
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1 North

Forsthaus Strelitz: A Picturesque Farmhouse 

PT 105 minutes
Car 90 minutes
Weekender Edition Berlin P. 40

Imagine yourself sleeping in late, no alarm in sight. Climbing out of bed, you open the blinds. You are greeted by the sun’s autumnal rays as they dance across the room’s coarse plastered walls, wooden beams and old floorboards. You can hear the hens clucking in the courtyard, fallen leaves rustling in the wind. Welcome to Forsthaus Strelitz, a farmhouse south of Neustrelitz so precious, it looks as though it fell from the pages of a picture book.

For breakfast, the owner, Wenzel Prankratz, serves you freshly pressed juices alongside an assortment of foods from the farm. Upon learning that he trained as a chef in 5-star kitchens, you glance at your watch, wishing it were already dinnertime – an experience that will allow you to savour flavours from his garden as well as from neighbouring farms. In the afternoon, he packs you a picnic basket filled with delights. You rent a pair of bicycles on-site and set out to explore the countryside. Dipping your toes into Kluger See, the world feels as though it is at your feet.

tmttl Forsthaus 4

Directions Neustrelitz Hbf

2 North

Re:hof Rutenberg: Starry Starry Nights

PT 120 minutes
Car 105 minutes
Weekender Edition Berlin P. 148

When was the last time you fell asleep under the stars? As a guest at Re:hof Rutenberg, thanks to the houses’ large, panoramic windows, you can enjoy the night sky from the comfort of your very own bed. Each home stands alone, promising plenty of privacy at all hours of the day.

Brew your morning coffee, step outside, and admire the rolling fields that line landscape in front of your doorstep. In the afternoon, take a stroll to Großer Kronsee’s sandy beach or bike over to Clansee. If it is sunny, take a  stroll to Großen Kronsee’s sandy beach or bike over to Clansee. Rainy days are best-spent back at the house, relaxing in the sauna and cuddling up in front of the wooden fireplace.


tmttl Rehofrutenberg 2

Directions Markt, Lychen

3 North

Wasserferienwelt Rügen: Aqua Pura

PT 270 minutes
Car 165 minutes
Weekender Edition Berlin P. 196

Aquatic landscapes as far as the eye can see… To enjoy relaxation in its purest form, you might want to consider spending your next vacation in a floating home or a house on stilts at Wasserferienwelt Rügen. Each space comes equipped with a lovely bedroom, kitchen and bathroom that you won’t ever want to part from.

Set out for a stroll along Bodden’s bays and breathe in Binz’s crisp, salty air. If you want to keep warm, we definitely recommend heading over to Haus Seeadler’s wellness area. Break out a sweat in the Finnish sauna before taking a quick, revitalising dip in the Baltic Sea’s icy waters.


takemetothelakes Weekender Banner02

Directions Lauterbach

rehof Rutenberg Gartenhaus Salix Ofen













lauterbapp11 2016 06 ®fm


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