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We all have a ‘go-to’ lake⁠—a lake we return to time and time again. But have you heard of the smaller, more secluded shore just a brief bike ride further inland? 

Our community is a space in which we share and exchange lakeside tips with our readers. We’re all connected by the desire to explore local landscapes and spend more weekends at the waters’ edge. And only you can help us fill the pages of our future publications. Every time we hear about a lake we haven’t yet been to, we listen carefully. Every time we come across a new shore that captivates us, we share our finds. Let’s seek out Germany’s most beautiful bathing spots, bodies of water, and escapes in nature together!

On @takemetothelakes, we bring you even closer to our books with a soothing flow of daily lakeside recommendations. In our weekly journal, Lake Stories, we dive even deeper into the material with carefully planned day-tours, relaxing weekend getaways, and wondrous water stories. Last, but certainly not least, our monthly newsletter delivers inspiration and tips for discovering your local landscape straight to your inbox.

Join the Take Me to the Lakes Community

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