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A Road Trip to Summter See – Glistening Waters and Wild Shores

Today, we’re taking you along with us for a little road trip to Summer See.

Car 30 min
Berlin city centre 22 km
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The Sandy Clearing

As you approach the clearing in the forest on the lake’s northern shore, you’ll already be able to glimpse the glistening waters from afar. A beautiful clearing in the forest awaits you on Summter See’s northern shore. On sunny days, its glistening surface is a spectacular sight. It’ll be hard to resist going for a dip. The further out you swim, the quieter it gets.

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The Lawn

You can easily walk around it in under an hour. Continuing north, you’ll reach a second clearing on the lake’s eastern shore. Towering trees turn the sky into a landscape. You can access the water at the bottom of this partially grassed slope through a gap in the reeds.

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Summter See

Today, we’re taking you along with us for a little road trip to Summter See. Leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind and treat yourself to a relaxing day in the lakes glistening waters. Idyllically located in Mühlenbecker Land, you can drive up here from Mitte, Berlin in just 30-minutes. A walk through the forest will take you around the lake in less than an hour. Summter See is idyllically located in Mühlenbecker Land, a municipality in Brandenburg’s Overhavel district. The lake has a surface area of 0.29 km2 and a circumference of 2.9 km. Surrounded by a magical forest, this little oasis is a peaceful escape. Choose from two bathing spots along Summter See’s shoreline.

The path leading along its shoreline will take you through a mixed forest and a pine forest. This is also a fantastic place to bring your four-legged friends—dogs that aren’t afraid of water will have heaps of fun exploring the many sandy access points that lead into the lake. As you pass through the tiny village of Summt, be sure to take note of the old houses along the way. Aren’t we all secretly dreaming of life in a little dwelling somewhere in Brandenburg… Clusters of towering trees complete the picture of a peaceful, little oasis.

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Explore the Surroundings

A secret tip from our editors: keep walking until you reach Damm’s Mill Castle (Schloss Dammsmühle). This abandoned site is an absolute must-see! You can easily extend your lake stroll and take a slightly longer tour of the area. Starting out from the parking lot on Summter See’s eastern shore, head towards Mühlenbecker See and continue walking until you reach Damm’s Mill Castle (Schloss Dammsmühle). Erected in 1768, this abandoned site looks like it sprung from a fairy tale. Incidentally, its story is slightly unconventional. The castle was built by a leather manufacturer called Damm. Since then, it has passed through the hands of numerous other people, including a British entrepreneur who went by the name Hart. He was later forced to flee Germany, together with his Jewish wife. In Soviet times, the Stasi used the castle as a hunting lodge. Most recently, it was transformed into a film set for the German drama series Babylon Berlin.

Sitting on the northeastern side of the pond, we admire the architecture and can’t help but wonder what purpose it is destined for next. A hotel, perhaps? That was what it served as after German reunification. Or a temporary site for a festival, like in the early 2000s? The backdrop for our next favourite TV series, maybe? Only time will tell. Until that day comes, we will continue to enjoy Mühlenbecker Land’s enchanting scenery and appreciate the sound of silence.

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Summter See (Berlin Edition, p. 57)

Car: 30 min. | 22 km from Berlin city centre | 16567 Mühlenbecker Land

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