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A Road Trip to Werbellinsee – Lush Landscapes and Crystal Clear Waters

Today, we’re taking you along with us for a little road trip to Werbellinsee. To make it easier for you to explore your favourite bodies of water in the weeks and months to come, we’ve teamed up with the 100% electric car sharing app WeShare.

e-Golf 60 min
Berlin city centre 60 km
Charging station An der B 167, 16244 Schorfheide
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The Slope

We’re brimming with excitement as we picture the dense forests, cool breeze, and tree-lined stroll that lie ahead. We leave Berlin via the A11 head in the direction of Joachimsthal. Before our departure, we made sure to select a fully charged e-Golf for today’s day trip—this is essential if you want to do the entire tour without stopping to charge the car along the way. Our first destination is the first spot featured in our Berlin Edition. We’re especially fond of the view of the water and surrounding woodlands from this slope on the lake’s northern shore. We spread out our picnic blankets and relax to the sight of the expansive scenery.

take Me To The Lake Werbellinsee Spot1 1


Directions Spot 1


The Lawn

After two hours of lazing around on the grass, counting fluffy clouds as they slowly drift by, we head back to the car and set out to pay a visit to two further bathing spots. We find a parking spot close to the main lawn. This is usually an ideal location to gather with friends for a beach volleyball day. Since we’re only travelling in twos at the moment, we take a little stroll over to the other lawn listed in the book instead and dip our feet into the water. To our delight, it’s surprisingly empty here for a Sunday.

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Directions Spot 2


The Youth Camp

EJB, the youth camp at Werbellinsee, is expected to open again on May 25th. Nevertheless, we can’t resist stopping by here to take a quick peek. In summer, families come here during the day to get their dose of fun in the sun at the camp’s playground. The water at the end of the dock is relatively deep, meaning that as soon as the water gets a tad bit warmer again, you’ll be able to dive in headfirst.

werbellinsee Bearbeitet 60


The Clearing and Dock

If you walk north from the youth camp, you’ll eventually come to a clearing in the forest. This large lawn offers plenty of space to spread out your blankets. Most of the shore is overgrown with vegetation and a wooden dock extending into the water saves you from having to fight your way through dense foliage.

take Me To The Lakes Werbellinsee20200509 36


Directions Spot 4

In collaboration with WeShare, we planned and tested exciting excursions. All are easily accessible from Berlin and close to a series of e-charging stations.

take Me To The Lakes Werbellinsee20200509 66

At WeShare, 24-hour rentals cost €59. Use the code LAKE10 to register for free, get €10 starting credit, and you’ll only pay €49 for the day! Set up your account today and start planning your next adventure.

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As Theodor Fontane famously stated, ‘Where we are sitting is like a scene from a fairytale. We are sitting on the shore of Werbellin’. Looking out at the dark green forests and little clusters of visitors that form the lake’s landscapes, his words echo in our heads, and we can sense that summer is coming. The season’s first swimmers brave a dip in the lake’s cool waters while children happily build sandcastles on the shore. A couple of canoeists get ready to paddle out onto the lake. A lonesome man secures his hammock between two trees at the edge of the water.

Werbellinsee is located in the Schorfheide-Chorin UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is one of the largest and deepest lakes in Brandenburg, with a maximum depth of 55 m and a surface area of 7.95 km2. You have several bathing spots to choose from at this lake, each with its own flair. With our Berlin Edition in tow, we selected four of the best bathing spots from our book and paid each a visit. Some of our favourite places at Werbellinsee are the sections of shoreline that you can only reach on foot. Most of these smaller and more hidden spots are located on the lake’s southern shore and can be reached via a short stroll through the forest.

take Me To The Lakes Werbellinsee20200509 20

Explore the surroundings

Schorfheide is renowned for its mixed woodlands and abundance of lakes, several of which are incidentally also featured in our book. That being said, be sure to check the charge on your battery before adding more stops to your road trip—you might need to add a tiny detour to a nearby charging station to your agenda if you want to make it back home to Berlin. North of Werbellinsee, we recommend stopping at Grimnitzsee or taking a stroll through Joachimsthal. And it’s certainly worth paying a visit to Buchenwald Grumsin which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Choose from any of these hiking trails and let yourself be impressed by the forest’s towering beech trees. Alternatively, you can also stop by Liepnitzsee or Wandlitzer See on your way home. Both are located just off the A11 highway that leads all the way back to Berlin.



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It’s not hard to uphold social distancing guidelines at quiet spots, lonesome lakes, and enchanting bays. By partnering with WeShare, we’re thankful to have discovered an easy and carefree way of avoiding public transportation and minimising our contact with others on our day trips to the countryside. Especially in times of isolation and uncertainty, we’re grateful that we still have the opportunity to explore the beauty that lies beyond our city’s borders. Our trusty Berlin Edition is always here to lead the way.

Both Berlin and Brandenburg are equipped with an abundance of electric car charging stations—the city itself features over 400 outlets, and you’ll find numerous others scattered throughout the countryside! Install the Plugsurfing app on your phone for a comprehensive overview of the charging stations nearest to you.

Werbellinsee (Berlin Edition, p. 67)

Car 60 Min. | 60 km vom Berliner Zentrum | 16247 Joachimsthal

Ladestation: An der B 167, 16244 Schorfheide

take Me To The Lakes Werbellinsee20200509 63




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