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A Road Trip to Havel River – Forest Walks & Sandy Bays

Today, we’re taking you along with us for a little road trip to the water’s edge. To make it easier for you to explore your favourite bodies of water in the weeks and months to come, we’ve teamed up with the 100% electric car sharing app WeShare.

e-Golf 30 Min.
Berlin city centre 20 km
Charging station Rastplatz Grunewald
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Lieper Bucht

For our first trip, we set out from Mitte, Berlin. To our delight, we find that our trusty electric rental is parked right around the corner and fully charged. With our destination du jour, Lieper Bucht, only 20 km from our starting point, the car’s 230-km maximum range would easily suffice. We exit the city via the A115 motorway and drive along Havelchaussee toward Unterhavel until we reach Lieper Bucht’s parking lot

With our dog, Sonny, in tow, we park our car and embark from a small beach on the southern side of the bay. To our right, a towering cluster of trees perched on a ridge makes for an impressive sight. To our left, the little island Lindwerder rests quietly in the water. If you’re interested in going for a short stroll on the island, keep a lookout for a bell. A small ferry will respond to its ring and can transport you ashore in just a few minutes.

takemetothelakes Weshare Unterhavel Lieperbucht 33



On the Jetty

Back on land, we continue north along the path through the forest that follows the reeded shoreline. Arriving at a little lawn, gaps in the reeds beckon us to dip our feet into the water. Continuing further, we arrive at a long, sandy beach where we stop to rest under the shade of a giant tree. We keep heading north where a beach with a pier close to Grunewald Tower awaits our arrival. If it’s open when you come, we recommend taking a tour of the tower. You can also make your way further into the forest from here. After another hour on our feet, we are ready to turn around and head back toward our car along the shoreline.

takemetothelakes Weshare Unterhavel Lieperbucht 72



Between the Grass & the Reeds

If, on the other hand, you head south from Lieper Bucht, you’ll come across a string of sunny spots where you’ll find plenty of space to lie down. It’s also well-worth exploring some of the other bodies of water in the areaKrumme Lanke, Schlachtensee, Teufelsee, and Wannsee, which is also connected to Havel River, are all nearby.

takemetothelakes Weshare Unterhavel Lieperbucht 4

In collaboration with WeShare, we planned and tested exciting excursions. All are easily accessible from Berlin and close to a series of e-charging stations. 

takemetothelakes Weshare Unterhavel Lieperbucht 88

At WeShare, 24-hour rentals cost €59. Use the code LAKE10 to register for free, get €10 starting credit, and you’ll only pay €49 for the day! Set up your account today and start planning your next adventure.

Lieper Bucht

The sun’s rays peek through the pines and warm up the sand on the banks of the bay. The wind sweeps across Unterhavel’s surface, causing the light to dance atop the soft waves. It’s only been 30 minutes since we buckled up in our e-Golf and left the city’s bustling streets behind us. Standing on Lieper Bucht’s shore, we rest our gaze on the horizon. Our thoughts begin to drift as we admire the sight of the expansive scenery.
Unterhavel is the river that runs through Steglitz-Zehlendorf. Looking onto the water, you could easily mistake it for a lake, which is why we snuck it into our Berlin Edition. The riverbank is lined with an array of places from which you can access the water. Thanks to the idyllic path that traces the waterfront through Grunewald Forest’s lush vegetation, this river remains one of our all-time favourite destinationsespecially on days when we only have time for a quick getaway to the water’s edge.

takemetothelakes Weshare Unterhavel Lieperbucht 54

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Simply hop in a car with the person of your choosing. You’re also more than welcome to keep travelling with us in thought for the time being. As the lockdown persists, we will continue to provide you with inspiration and tips for regional day trips from our Berlin Edition. This spring, join us as we set out to explore Berlin and Brandenburg’s waters, and discover the marvel and wonder of nature near you.

takemetothelakes Weshare Unterhavel Lieperbucht 8

Both Berlin and Brandenburg are equipped with an abundance of electric car charging stationsthe city itself features over 400 outlets, and you’ll find numerous others scattered throughout the countryside! Install the Plugsurfing app on your phone for a comprehensive overview of the charging stations nearest to you.

takemetothelakes Weshare Unterhavel Lieperbucht 44

It’s not hard to uphold social distancing guidelines at quiet spots, lonesome lakes, and enchanting bays. By partnering with WeShare, we’re thankful to have discovered an easy and carefree way of avoiding public transportation and minimising our contact with others on our day trips to the countryside. Especially in times of isolation and uncertainty, we’re grateful that we still have the opportunity to explore the beauty that lies beyond our city’s borders. Our trusty Berlin Edition is always here to lead the way. And we created the right playlist for your road trip together with WeShare:



Unterhavel, Lieper Bucht (Berlin Edition – p. 209)

Car: 30 min. | Location: 20 km from Berlin city centre | 14193 Berlin

Charging station: Grunewald rest step, Berlin, Kronprinzessinnenweg 120, A115


takemetothelakes Weshare Unterhavel Lieperbucht 30





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