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A Road Trip to Flakensee – White Sand & Pristine Waters

Today, we’re taking you along with us for a little road trip to Bernsteinsee. To make it easier for you to explore your favourite bodies of water in the weeks and months to come, we’ve teamed up with the 100% electric car sharing app WeShare.

e-Golf 45 min
Berlin city centre 32 km
Charging station Schöneiche, Kalkberger Str. 189
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The Pine Beach

Our navigation confirms that, if we keep heading east, we’ll reach our destination. We enter the coordinates for the first bathing spot into our phone (you’ll find a link to these further down). We cruise along the B1 via Hoppegarten and make our way down towards Müggelsee (we’ve already decided that we’ll stop by here briefly on our way back). In total, it takes just under 45 minutes to get to Flakensee, tucked away between Erkner and Woltersdorf like a blue gemstone. We park our car and make our way to the sandy clearing surrounded by pines on the western side of the lake. You can lie down directly on the beach or rest on one of the grassier areas. Depending on the time of day, you’ll also find plenty of shade under the tall pine trees. We let our gaze drift to the shoreline on the other side of Flakensee, marked by wooded surroundings, a handful of houses, and a white sandy beach. The pristine scenery beckons us to set out toward the other side of the lake’s glistening waters.

flakensee Bearbeitet 18



The Sloped Beach

On Flakensee’s eastern shore, a sloped beach invites you to recline. Step by step, Flakensee draws you down the incline and into its waters. Dip your feet in and enjoy the lush scenery. Following the path north you’ll come to the third spot.

takemetothelakes Flakensee Neu



The Rope Swing

At the third spot, there isn’t much space to lie down, it does, however, come with a unique perk—a rope tree swing. It’s endlessly fun throwing yourself off the swing and into the water. Just be mindful of the fact that the water isn’t very deep. This spot isn’t frequented by many visitors and you could end up having it entirely to yourself.

takemetothelakes Weshare Flakensee 6

In collaboration with WeShare, we planned and tested exciting excursions. All are easily accessible from Berlin and close to a series of e-charging stations.

takemetothelakes Weshare Flakensee

At WeShare, 24-hour rentals cost €59. Use the code LAKE10 to register for free, get €10 starting credit, and you’ll only pay €49 for the day! Set up your account today and start planning your next adventure.

takemetothelakes Weshare Flakensee 3


So far, we’ve driven north of Berlin with WeShare’s e-Golfs to explore Bernsteinsee and west to explore Lieper Bucht along Havel River. Today, we’re heading 30 km east of the city to relax on Flakensee’s sandy shores.

Once again, we’re quick to reserve a fully charged e-Golf via WeShare’s car sharing app. The Berlin-based mobility provider charges its fleet with green energy. A fully charged battery can last up to 230 km, making for an ideal companion to accompany us on our lakeside adventures. Ready to hit the road, we hop into our trusty electric car and turn up the volume on our Spotify playlist. The landscape flutters by on the other side of the windshield; clusters of trees quickly replace the little rows of houses enroute. By the time we approach Flakensee’s shimmering, blue waters, we can barely contain our excitement. 

Flakensee is located on land which transitions from the Barnim Plateau to the Berlin-Fürstenwalde Spree Valley Lowland. It has a surface area of 0.67 km2 and a maximum depth of 8 m. This beautiful, clear lake features three bathing spots, each of which promises a wonderful day by the water.

takemetothelakes Weshare Flakensee 10

Feeling the urge to stretch our legs for a bit, we start our day trip with a scenic stroll around the lake, paying a visit to the three bathing spots listed in our book along the way. Once our feet begin to tire, we settle for a sunny place in the sand and spend the rest of the afternoon sunbathing, picnicking, reading, and dreaming up plans for the months to come. Before heading home, we stop by Strandbad Müggelsee to take in the sunset from the steps.

If you’re eager to explore more, we also recommend the 10-minute drive from Flakensee over to Werlsee (Berlin Edition | East | P. 119). A little island called Liebesinsel is idyllically situated in the middle of the lake.




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It’s not hard to uphold social distancing guidelines at quiet spots, lonesome lakes, and enchanting bays. By partnering with WeShare, we’re thankful to have discovered an easy and carefree way of avoiding public transportation and minimising our contact with others on our day trips to the countryside. Especially in times of isolation and uncertainty, we’re grateful that we still have the opportunity to explore the beauty that lies beyond our city’s borders. Our trusty Berlin Edition is always here to lead the way.

Both Berlin and Brandenburg are equipped with an abundance of electric car charging stations—the city itself features over 400 outlets, and you’ll find numerous others scattered throughout the countryside! Install the Plugsurfing app on your phone for a comprehensive overview of the charging stations nearest to you.


Flakensee (Berlin Edition, S. 97)

Car: 45 min. | Location: 32 km from Berlin city centre | Erkner

Charging stations:

1)  Schöneiche, Kalkberger Str. 189 (north)

2) Berlin, Ludwigshöheweg 18 (eastward towards Müggelsee)

takemetothelakes Weshare Flakensee 4




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