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A Relaxing Day at Boberger See and Boberger Dunes

Set out from the heart of Hamburg and escape to Boberger See for a relaxing day at the water’s edge without leaving the city borders.

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Boberger See

Car 30 Min
Hamburg city centre 12 km
Hamburg Edition P. 94-95

It only takes half an hour to reach Boberger See from Speicherstadt’s gleaming red backdrop where our WeShare was parked on this sunny spring day. The lake is located on the eastern side of Hamburg in Boberger Niederung Nature Reserve, a wide stretch of land where you can easily walk around for several hours.

After a relaxing drive, we park our car directly opposite the old church in Billwerder. A view of meadows and pastures greets us as we step out of our car and set off on foot. We pass several-hundred-year-old oak trees along the windy path that leads over a small bridge, across Bille River and straight towards the lake. This riverbank will be teeming with water lilies and grasses come summer. In anticipation of the return of lush vegetation, the sun blankets the dry grass in warm colours.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Seen Guide Bobergersee 9

The path to the lake leads past a string of paddocks and meadows. Narrow trails wind through clusters of trees whose thickly forked branches paint pictures in the sky and form the occasional passageway.

For the most part, however, we have a clear view of the horizon—gliders from the nearby airfield float across the blue canvas. We opt for the shortest route to the lake, which guides us to the sandy beach on its north-eastern shoreline.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Seen Guide Bobergersee 8

The young birch little forests that protrude from sandy soil are particularly beautiful. This is a great place to come to enjoy a quiet picnic, string your hammock between the trees or simply listen to the birds. Our favourite spot is in the east, where the shore forms a steep slope. The majestic oaks and glistening waters remind us that spring is just around the corner. 

We continue our walk around the lake along the shoreline in the company of creaking old trees. Further south, we dangle from a crooked tree trunk and enjoy the sight of all the little branches that will no longer be visible in summer because of the thick clusters of leaves. Before the day comes to a close, we make our way back to our starting point.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Seen Guide Bobergersee 7

Directions Parking Lot Boberger See


Boberger Dünen

If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, we definitely recommend visiting the dunes a bit further inland east of the lake—a heathland lined with white sand as far as the eye can see awaits. You might even be lucky enough to stumble across the extremely rare orchids that seek refuge between the moor, marsh and sandscapes. And keep your eyes peeled for the many protected animals that roam these lands. Take a relaxed stroll through the diverse landscapes that present themselves to you in an entirely new light every time you step over a different hill.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Seen Guide Bobergersee 15

If you’re based in the city, the drive to the lake is surprisingly swift. Whether you nip out after work or escape here for a full day on the weekend, Boberger See and its natural surroundings promise a short holiday filled with excitement.

Directions Parking Lot Boberger Dünen

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