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Take Me to the Lakes – Hamburg Edition: New Lake Guide

Take me to the Lakes – Hamburg Edition is out now! We have tracked down the best bathing spots around Hamburg for you.

Text Cindy Ruch

It is no secret that Hamburg is an aquatic city. Northern Germany’s bustling metropolis is nestled at the heart of a region that boasts an abundance of lakes, rivers and seas. Our most recent publication, Take Me to the Lakes – Hamburg Edition, brings you our selection of the region’s most pristine bathing spots, beaches and getaways.

In search of Germany’s most beautiful lakes, our editorial journey led us to Berlin, Munich and North-Rhine Westphalia’s lushest landscapes. Over the years, we frequently found ourselves passing through Hamburg, where we dove into countless lakes and swam in nearby seas. It was only a matter of time until we had explored enough of the region to feel equipped to select our favourite finds. And with that, dear Hamburg, we extend our invitation: take me to the lakes!

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We collected countless recommendations from friends and acquaintances before setting out on our journey. Having resided in Hamburg for a couple of months, Karolina was especially determined to track down even the smallest specks of blue on the map in hopes of stumbling across hidden gems. In 2018, we dedicated our entire summer to touring the region’s lake districts, scouting the Baltic Sea’s shorelines, and digging our feet into the North Sea’s sandy beaches.

Spanning 296 pages, Hamburg Edition brings you our 50 favourite lakes, 100+ bathing spots and eight marvellous getaways near bodies of water.

takemetothelakes Edition Hh Map
takemetothelakes Edition Hh Bredenbeker

The next time you find yourself yearning for a taste of nature’s finest, be sure to take along our guide as your trusty companion—with Hamburg as your home, you are just a stone’s throw away from swimming under clear blue skies and gazing at endless horizons. Get ready to look far beyond your go-to lake’s shoreline and wade into uncharted waters.
So start marking those calendars because Northern Germany has an abundance of aquatic adventures to offer!

takemetothelakes Edition Hh Elbeborkdorf 2 1
tmttl Hamburg 3


Stadtparksee, Hamburg

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