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Elbe River’s Most Beautiful Banks – Falkensteiner Ufer and Rissener Ufer

We want to guide you to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in and around Hamburg.

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Rissener Ufer

Car 30 Min
Hamburg city centre 19 km
Hamburg Edition p. 208

Hamburg-locals like to flock to Övelgönne Beach to feel the sand under their feet and listen to the sound of waves lapping against the shoreline. Today, however, we’re taking our car for a spin and heading to the outskirts of the city. We pass Jenischpark’s stunning scenery before arriving at Rissener Ufer, our starting point for today’s adventure. We plan to make our way along Elbe River’s bank on foot. Our destination du jour? Falkensteiner Ufer’s peaceful surroundings and natural landscapes.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Guide Seen Elbe Elbstrand Rissenerufer

Shortly after we pass Blankenese, we’re greeted by sweeping woodlands. Elbe River’s banks are safely tucked away in the depths of these majestic forests. We make our way down the narrow path that leads to the car park by the old ferry house. This surprisingly hilly stretch of land stands in stark contrast to Hamburg’s characteristically flat terrain.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Guide Seen Elbe Elbstrand Rissenerufer 1

Elbe River’s glittering waters smile at us from a distance; the reflection of the sun dances between the trees—soft, fine sandbanks are just a stone’s throw away. The jetty and surrounding bays offer excellent views of Neßsand Island’s sheltered shorelines. We always enjoy listening to the melody of the waves as they trace these shallow shorelines. If you come here on a hot day, we recommend walking along the riverbank and seeking refuge from the sun in the shade of the tall trees en route. 

A series of crescent-shaped bays and expansive beaches is connected by wild clusters of reeds. Even during high tide, Elbe River splashes against the shoreline in a leisurely manner, leaving plenty of space to stretch our legs in the sand. With the sun to our backs, our shadows grow longer before our feet. Hamburg’s beaches unfold their unique charm as we make our way towards Falkenstein Ufer. The afternoon light envelopes the city in an orange blanket; the water’s surface comes alive in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Directions Parkplatz Boberger See


Falkensteiner Ufer

Car 30 Min
Hamburg city centre 18 km
Hamburg Edition p. 198

You can also start out from Falkensteiner Ufer. We recommend parking your car at the top of the forest and making your way down to Elbe River on foot via the steep path leading directly to the riverbank. 

Stock up on snacks at the pavilion before fully immersing yourself in the natural surroundings. The beach is tucked away between majestic old trees and wild reeds. Find a comfortable spot on one of the piers at low tide and watch the sun as it sets on the horizon.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Guide Seen Elbe Elbstrand Falkensteinerufer

Directions Parkplatz Boberger Dünen

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