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Take a Stroll at the Water’s Edge: Four Stunning Lakes Near Munich

Munich’s countryside offers an abundance of routes with impressive mountainscapes. Whether you’re simply looking to cool off in glistening waters or planning a full day’s hike, we recommend setting out to discover the following four pristine lakes and their natural surroundings.

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Hollerner See

Munich city-centre 23 km
Car <30 min
PT <75 min

Hollerner See München

The mounds of gravel remind us of our favourite Nordic dunes; the turquoise-blue waters bring back fond memories of the South Seas. A visit to Hollerner See near Eching feels like a dreamy holiday at the seaside. Where excavators once shovelled dirt, holidayers now splash in the waters that illustrate the gravel pit lake’s winding shorelines. Meanwhile, sun-seekers come from all parts of the country to spread their towels on Hollerner See’s sandy beach, soft sunbathing lawn and concrete steps. The circular path that traces the lake’s circumference is perfect for a relaxing walk. If you’re eager to delve deeper into the art of forest bathing, we recommend paying a visit to Mallertshofer Holz. Numerous walking and cycling trails invite you to immerse yourself in pine forests and lose track of time in heath meadow landscapes.

München Edition
p. 26

Directions Hollerner See Parking Lot


Tinninger See

Munich city-centre 76 km
Car <75 min
PT <120 min

Tinninger See München

If you’re looking for a Bavarian day trip, Tinninger See is a beautiful destination not far from Chiemsee. In summer, algae and creeping grass from the moor can cause fluctuations in the lake’s water quality. However, to cool off, you can still wade into the shallow waters or let your feet dangle from the wooden pier and enjoy the panoramic views of the Chiemgau Alps. For the best views of the mountains surrounding the lake, we recommend setting out to explore the idyllic Upper Bavarian scenery near Riedering. The four-kilometre circular trail will guide you through untouched nature along the lake’s shore in the south, through wild meadows in the east and past the edge of an enchanting forest in the north. If you get hungry along the way, we recommend stopping for a bite to eat in the beer garden Gasthaus Antretter.

München Edition
p. 86

Directions Tinninger See Parking Lot



Munich city-centre 96 km
Car <90 min
PR <135 min

Wagenbrüchsee Geroldsee München

Wagenbrüchsee well-worth the drive down from the city. The scene that greets you upon arrival at this pristine moorland lake’s shorelines is breathtaking—enchanting forests and mountain meadows encircle the gentle, glistening waters that dance in the sun. Meanwhile, Karwendel and Wetterstein mountains’ Alpine panorama makes for a majestic backdrop. Wagenbrüchsee sometimes also goes by the name of Geroldsee. This idyllic destination is only 20 kilometres from Walchensee, one of the most popular lakes in the region. A postcard-worthy circular trail leads around the entire lake. You’ll come across a couple of places en-route that tempt you to take a break and go for a dip. Some local farmers may charge a small entrance fee in summer—we guarantee the tranquillity you can experience here is priceless!

München Edition
p. 168

Directions Wagenbrüchsee


Weßlinger See

Munich city-centre 31 km
Car <45 min
PT <45 min

Weßlinger See München

While many hiking trails in Bavaria are tricky to reach by public transport, Weßlinger See in the Bavarian Alps’ foothills is just a stone’s throw away from the nearest S-Bahn station. As the smallest body of water in the Fünfseenland region (alias The Land of the Five Lakes), this lake is well-suited for a short circular tour on foot. The idyllic, two-kilometre-long path will take you past the former home of renowned physician Alois Alzheimer. We recommend finding a spot to relax in one of the fields or on one of the wooden piers along the lake’s eastern shore. You can swim out to the island in the middle of the lake from the pier in front of the kiosk. The lake’s refreshing waters are fed by underground springs.

München Edition
p. 208

Directions Bahnhofsstraße West Parking Lot

Gaze at the mountains with the wind in your hair and shallow waters at your feet

Wohe Sometimes we wonder why spending time near water makes us feel so much more relaxed and content? The moment we make our way across a lawn barefoot and dive headfirst into an ice-cold lake, our worries seem to melt away…. While we might not brave Germany’s icy waters in winter, we do enjoy returning to their shorelines with the turn of every season. Bavaria’s glittering waters are characterised by the impressive mountainscapes that rise from their backdrops. Rain or shine, the four lakes we recommend in this article make for memorable days at the water’s edge in the Bavarian countryside.

To discover more of our favourite lakes and bathing spots in Bavaria, grab a copy of our Take Me to the Lakes – München Edition. In this design travel guide, we guide you to the most beautiful lakes north, south, east and west of Munich city-centre. We bring you some of Bavaria’s classics, such as Chiemsee, Ammersee or Tegernsee. We also guide you to some lesser-known ponds and secluded bathing spots. And because we want to inspire you to spend as much time as possible in nature, our Take Me to the Lakes – Weekender Edition München, features 50 of the region’s accommodations near bodies of water.

Please note that our München Edition and Weekender Edition München are currently only available in German.

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