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Indulge in a Relaxing Sauna Vacation

What better way to turn your attention inwards than to let go of the day-to-day from the comfort of a rejuvenating sauna? Choose from these four accommodations and bring your next vacation into perfect balance.

Text Maia Frazier
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1 North

Märkisches Landhaus N°8: Let Your Worries Melt Away

PT 195 minutes
Car 75 minutes
Weekender Edition Berlin P. 118

The village Bucholz is located in Stechlin-Ruppin Nature Park, a place so serene, its picturesque beauty is akin to that of a watercolour painting. As a guest at Märkisches Landhaus N°8, you are welcomed to enjoy the pleasures of a quiet oasis on a 6,000 square metre property—the ideal setting to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind. The house’s architecture peeks out from a landscape rich in forests and lakes, while its soothing interior strikes a careful balance between rustic, wooden elements and slick, modern design.

Our personal highlight? The holiday home’s cosy, little sauna, which is even fitted out with its very own panoramic window. Once you’ve had your fill of steam for the day, recline by the open fireplace and relax to the calming sound of the crackling flames. As night closes in, lose yourself in the pages of books upon books from the house’s antique library before drifting off into a dreamy slumber.

Maerkisches Landhaus N8

Directions Buchholz, Großwoltersdorf

2 North

NewHaus: Unwind at Sand and Pine

PT 270 minutes
Car 150 minutes
Weekender Edition Berlin P. 142

Whether you’re planning a weekend retreat with a close group of friends or simply looking for a refuge for two, NewHaus promises everything you could wish for and more from a holiday up north. It comprises a guesthouse named Sand and another named Pine. Each boasts 120 square metres of living space for up to eight people, and is equipped with a sauna and two terraces.

Bundle up in your favourite jumper and head out into the cold for a short walk over the dunes. You will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea. For the active folk amongst you, the campsite in Born on the Darß offers kitesurfing and windsurfing lessons.

Returning back to the warmth of your nest, the soft towels and assortment of Frank Leder products tempt you to try your hand at creating your very own spa experience. A door from the holiday home’s private sauna leads directly out onto the terrace overlooking the garden, making it very easy to skip back and forth between hot and cold temperatures as you please. Feeling brave? Bring a bathrobe and walk the 200 m all the way to the beach to dip your feet into the icy water. Your circulation will thank you!


Directions Strandhotel Fischland

3 South

Strandhaus Spreewald: The Ultimate Wellness Experience

PT 75 minutes
Car 75 minutes
Weekender Edition Berlin P. 246

A drop of tea tree oil, a dash of citrus and the soft scent of jasmine—this luxurious four-star hotel is a perfect getaway for anyone looking to enjoy the natural beauty of Brandenburg’s Spreewald from the comfort of a multi-sensory oasis. In winter, guests at Strandhaus Spreewald can unwind in the fireplace lounge, curl up in the library, and recuperate in the spa.

Guest services include a wide range of relaxing massages, soothing baths, and exquisite cosmetic treatments. Embrace tranquillity in the hotel’s two spacious saunas (55°C and 80°C respectively), both of which are open until 21:30 every day. In the evenings, we definitely recommend savouring the flavours of the region in the hotel’s in-house restaurant. Marvellous, we’re feeling more replenished already.

Strandhaus Spreewald

Directions Lübben Bahnhof

4 South

Haus am See: A Luxurious Little Loft to Lift Your Spirits

PT 60 minutes
Car 60 minutes
Weekender Edition Berlin P. 298

The picturesque island Werder is idyllically located on the bank of the River Havel just outside of Berlin. In contrast to the other accommodations that are in listed buildings onsite, Haus am See is distinctly modern, a result of the combination of concrete and wood utilised for its construction. The terrace on the upper floor looks out over the river, while a private pier on the property extends out into the water.

Between the private (outdoor) pool and delightful (in-house) sauna, this holiday home is the perfect place to recharge your batteries all-year-round. Our solution for combatting those winter blues? Leave your laptop at home, stock up on all your favourite magazines and spend a long weekend cuddled up on the couch in your snuggliest sweatpants.

Haus am See Werder

Directions Markt, Werder (Havel)


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gallery Bottom 12 Maerklandhaus

Strandhaus Spreewald


Fotos: Märkisches Landhaus N°8 (Claude Smekens), NewHaus (Sven Hausherr, Daniel Farò ℅ Cee Cee Creative, Karolina Rosina), Strandhaus Spreewald (Wolfgang Scholvien), Haus am See (Jurek Brüggen, Stefan Walter)



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