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Bredenbeker Teiche’s Undulating Shorelines

A road trip to Hamburg’s alluring outskirts: Northeast of the city, Bredenbeker Teiche awaits your arrival. We’ve teamed up with the electric car sharing provider WeShare to guide you to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in and around Hamburg.

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Bredenbeker Teiche

ID.3 45 Min
Hamburg city centre 23 km
Hamburg Edition p. 20
Charging Station Georg-Sasse-Straße 16, 22949 Ammersbek

As we exit Bergstedt, we leave Hamburg’s metropolitan area and cross over into the surrounding countryside. Usually, whenever we find ourselves in this neck of the woods, we’re getting ready to let our thoughts wander in Duvenstedter Brook’s vast moors—one of Hamburg’s most biodiverse and breathtaking nature reserves. Today, however, our journey takes us to Bredenbek Teiche—a collection of natural lakes tucked away between fields and forests that characterise the landscape northeast of Hamburg.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Seen Guide Bredenbekerteiche 10

It takes us about 45-minutes to arrive at our destination from the centre of Hamburg. We park our ID 3 in the designated parking space on the southwestern side of the nature reserve and set out for the westernmost lake on the map.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Seen Guide Bredenbekerteiche 2

As we stroll along the path, we admire Alt Lindenhof’s stately grounds to our left and the glittering lake’s surface to our right. The reflections of fluffy clouds appear as if to dance atop the water; flocks of carefree birds bring life to the scenery from above.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Seen Guide Bredenbekerteiche 4

Directions Parkplatz Bredenbeker Teich


Östliche Bredenbeker Teiche

Hamburg Edition p. 20

The parking lot in the forest is also an excellent location to explore the lakes that are located to the east. A somewhat hidden and lesser-known path leads through the narrow isthmus that separates the lakes from each other. Using the trees as our guide, we navigate our way to the large gap in the greenery. We always plan a stopover here to watch the waves as they gently lap up against the lake’s grassy shoreline.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Seen Guide Bredenbekerteiche 3

The shorelines on the opposite side of the lake emanate a sense of calm with their thick forests and dense reeds. We lose ourselves in the lake’s vastness—undisturbed views of the waters greet us around every bend. One could spend hours drifting along the path that winds its way along the water’s edge and leads to even more bays and sparkling lakes.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Seen Guide Bredenbekerteiche 1

In collaboration with WeShare, we planned and tested exciting excursions. All are easily accessible from Hamburg and close to a series of e-charging stations.

autovorsee Weshare


A 24-hour WeShare rental costs €59. If you register with the code LAKE10,  you’ll get €10 starting credit, which brings the rental down to only €49 for an entire day. Simply sign up in the app for free, enter your code and start driving.cta En

This year, we’ve partnered with the 100% electric car sharing app WeShare to provide you with an environmentally conscious, inexpensive and simple way to explore Hamburg’s lakes, rivers, forests and fields. Our local travel-loving teams selected some of the most relaxing getaways in the region from our Weekender Edition Berlin together. Get ready to embark on breathtaking day trips and unforgettable weekend escapes.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Seen Guide Bredenbekerteiche


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