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Gifts for Slow Travellers: Step Inside Our Guide Books

Encourage your friends and family to escape to the countryside with our unique series of local travel guides—the perfect gift for slow travellers yearning to flee their fast-paced digital spheres and reconnect with the environment.

Text Maia Frazier

A Gift for Hauptstadt Dwellers:
Long Walks in the Forest & Lazy Days at the Lakes

cover Deutsche Edition02

The soothing sound of birds chirping and elevating scent of pine are characteristic for the landscapes around Berlin. It might not come as a big surprise to learn that 37% of Brandenburg’s land is covered by woodland, making it one of the most forest-dense states in the country. And with over 3,000 lakes to discover in the region, it is even less surprising that dwellers of our dear capital frequently flock to the nearby countryside. Indeed, the city’s streets are astoundingly empty on hot, sunny days.

But which off-the-grid lakes draw the smallest crowds in summer? And which promise the most mesmerising strolls through the woods in winter? Surprise your nearest and dearest with a copy of our BERLIN EDITION.  From the postcard-worthy scenery at Tonsee to the shaded forest path that leads around Liepnitzsee, this unique travel companion will bring them to the most beautiful lakes in the region.

sacrowersee Takemetothelakes

A Gift for Design Lovers:
Cosy Farmsteads & Sophisticated Guesthouses at the Water’s Edge

book Cover Weekender Edition Berlin 2

We can’t think of a better way to escape the whirlwind of everyday life in Berlin than to trade in our urban backdrop for the tranquillity of a refurbished barn or a charming villa for a weekend. Exposed wooden beams, antique furniture, stunning brick walls and clean, minimalist design run like a red through the interiors featured in our WEEKENDER EDITION BERLIN.

After unwrapping their slow travel guide book, your loved ones will simply have to make up their minds as to which backdrop would be best suited for their morning coffee: in the company of a herd of alpacas at Landhaus am See or in Rote Scheune’s private gardens on Oberuckersee’s western shore in Fergitz.

das Sternhagener Haus (das Sternhagener Haus)

A Gift for Dreamy Wanderers:
Nordic Nostalgia & Wild Beaches

cover Hhedition

From a series of wild bays on Elbe River’s banks to the North Sea’s endless stretches of sand, our HAMBURG EDITION is ideal for anyone with a soft spot for Northern Germany’s striking scenery. Beyond highlighting some of the region’s more renowned rivers and seashores, we tempt dreamy wanderers to uncover its lesser-known gems, such as Nehmser See and Lütauer See. This gift of waterside wonder strikes a chord in every slow traveller’s soul.

takemetothelakes Hamburg Edition Guide Seen Nordsee Sanktpeterording 11


A Gift for Dune Chasers:
Baltic Bliss & Seas of Flowers

weekender Hh Edition Cover

In autumn, the area between Rügen and Zingst is transformed into a natural theatre—thousands of cranes flock to the national park’s lagoon area (Boddenlandschaft). Your parents could experience this spectacle from several guest houses in our WEEKENDER EDITION HAMBURG, such as the aptly named Kranich Museum & Hotel.

In spring, Schlei’s hinterland awakens from its slumber only to be transformed into a sea of yellow rapeseed. Why not treat your sister to a long-overdue getaway at Haus auf der Ostsee? Explore the Baltic Sea’s shorelines before heading inland together to admire the floral landscapes that bring back fond childhood memories.

Or perhaps you and your fiance are still looking for a destination for your honeymoon? Take a roadtrip to Denmark and nestle up in Birkedal on Møn Island. The panoramic views that greet you in every room are memorable, to say the least.

A Gift for Adventure Seekers:
Exquisite Hikes & Pristine Waters

cover Munchen Neueauflage

Everyone should go where they feel most alive. And for some, this means one place and one place only: the mountains. Thanks to Bavaria’s abundance of peaks, our MÜNCHEN EDITION makes for an ever-so-special gift for those who love nothing more than to clear their minds far above sea level.

The panoramic views of Ester Mountains and Wetterstein Mountains from Riegsee are so enchanting, some people block off an entire week to go camping at Riegsee. For others, a simple day-trip, such as the picturesque hike up to Wagenbrüchsee (Geroldsee), is enough to do the trick.

ebene 11

A Gift for Mindful Indulgers:
Wellness Oases & Alpine Escapes

cover Take Me To The Lakes Weekender Edition München Deutsche Edition

Who says that a revitalising getaway in nature can’t be a luxurious affair? Our WEEKENDER EDITION MÜNCHEN is an especially great gift for glamorous types in favour of up-scale down-time. A regular day at Forstgut, for example, includes pampering oneself in the private sauna before hopping into the whirlpool and booking a massage. Meanwhile, those in search of a holistic detox, namely an authentic experience for body, mind, and soul, would likely choose to retreat to Das Graseck or Hofgut Hafnerleiten. Indulgent? We think not.



A Gift for Hobby Cyclists:
Man-Made Constructs & Ecological Wonders

tmttl Köln Covermockup 1

Having explored the vast majority of North Rhine-Westfalia on a pair of trusty Schindelhauer e-bikes, we can confidently say that this region of Germany promises excellent terrain for hobby cyclists. Interestingly, many of the landscape’s waters, such as Rursee, Lingetalsperre, and Venekotensee, were birthed from man-made constructs. But don’t let this deceive or deter you. These dams, reservoirs and former mines are impressive by nature and many unmatched in beauty.

Think of your brother-in-law’s sturdy mountain bike or your best friend from school’s slick racing bike: anyone unwrapping our KÖLN EDITION is likely to hop right on their saddle. Never a dull moment when you hit the road and uncover Ruhr’s most mesmerising bodies of water.

take Me To The Lakes Nordrhein Westfalenedition Koeln Duesseldorf Dortmund Essen Seen Guide Badeseen Koeln Rursee


Please note that our BERLIN EDITION is available both in German and in English. The rest of our publications are currently only available in German.


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I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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