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Road Trip to Gamensee – Panoramic Mountain-Esque Feel Near Berlin

Today, we’re taking you along with us on a road trip to the cover of our Berlin Edition—Gamensee.

Car 60 min
Berlin city centre 41 km
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The Sandy Beach

take Me To The Lake Gamensee 2

Gamensee’s shimmering blue waters, dense forests and elongated shape make for a fjord-like feeling. Today, we’re leaving Berlin’s cityscapes behind us and making our way north. Since we set out from Mitte, it only takes us one hour to get to the lake. Gamensee’s parking lot is conveniently located 300 metres from the large, slightly elevated bathing spot. Expansive views of the entire lake greet us upon arrival. We make ourselves comfortable in the shade on the large lawn and inflate our SUP board—time for our first swim of the day in these cold waters. Standing on the main bathing spot’s beach, you’ve got a great view of the winding lake’s almost 1,000 metre-long shoreline. This bathing spot is located on the grounds of County-Camping’s campsite so you might be asked to pay a small entrance fee.

Directions Parking Badestrand


FKK Beach

take Me To The Lake Gamensee 14

Designated nudist beaches—or ‘FFK Bereiche’ as they’re called in German—are generally located in separate, somewhat secluded areas away from main beaches. Gamensee’s FFK area is well-hidden between thick bushes and trees on the edge of the forest south of the main bathing spot. Follow the path through the woods for a few minutes, and you’ll come across a little clearing on the lake’s shoreline. From here you have a marvellous view of the entire lake, its surrounding woodlands, and the floating platform that’s only 100 metres from where you’re standing. 

Directions Parking FKK Strand

take Me To The Lake Gamensee 8

take Me To The Lake Gamensee 11


Not far from Tiefensee, Gamensee is located in a channel that formed during the Ice Ages. The result is a unique and impressive landscape. With temperatures expected to hit the 30-degree mark and the weather forecast predicting a full day of sunshine, today, we’re readier than ever to set out for the lake with our SUP board. Gamensee not only adorns the cover of our “Berlin Edition” but it also happens to be one of our all-time favourite lakes. What makes it so special, you ask? We’re enchanted by its elongated, winding shape which extends almost 1,000 metres from north to south. As a result, you can just barely see the other end when you stand on its shore. The thick woodlands that surround its waters rise from a gentle slope evoking fond memories of sunny escapes to mountain lakes. These still waters are tucked away in a conservation area called Gamengrund. Of the twenty post-glacial lakes in the region, many consider Gamensee to be the most beautiful.

take Me To The Lake Gamensee 5

The water is clear and refreshing. Although Gamensee’s water quality fluctuates in summer, it’s definitely worth paying a visit to its northern peak where the only bathing spot is accessible via the campsite. For a small entrance fee, you can find a place at the steep, sandy beach to spread out your belongings. Head straight for the water, swim some laps and make your way over to the floating platform to relax in the sunshine. If you’re feeling active, we recommend going for a walk in the woods—the circular path around the lake is part of a hiking trail that will lead you past breathtaking scenery. To stay for the entire weekend, pitch your tent or rent one of the holiday bungalows or beach barrels at the campsite.

take Me To The Lake Gamensee 12

You can also explore the lake with a small rowboat or canoe rental from the campsite if you like. For more information and prices, simply inquire at the little snack bar on the main beach.


Gamensee (Berlin Edition, p. 101)

Car: 60 Min. | Location: 43 km from Berlin Zentrum | 16356 Werneuchen

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