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A Road Trip to Gorinsee – Forest Bathing Near Wandlitz

Today, we’re taking you along with us on a road trip north of Berlin to Gorinsee. To make it easier for you to explore your favourite bodies of water in the weeks and months to come, we’ve teamed up with the 100% electric car sharing app WeShare.

e-Golf 35 min
Berlin city centre 23 km
Charging Station Prenzlauer Str. 71, 16348 Wandlitz
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Am Waldstrand

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Gorinsee is tucked away in a forest and forms part of the lake chain that encompasses Liepnitzsee, Rahmer See and Stolzenhagener See. We catch a glimpse of its glittering surface through the trees from the parking lot. The lake’s main, sandy beach unveils a mix of oaks and pines which provide plenty of shade. After scouting the area, we decide to spread out our towels beneath a tall oak tree for the day. From here, we have an excellent view of the entire shoreline. If you come, we’d recommend taking a short stroll around the lake to discover some of the smaller bays and resting areas en route (which also includes an official nudist beach), away from the hustle and bustle.

Though its waters can be quite turbid, it makes up for this with excellent water quality. A rectangular lawn invites you to relax on the grass not far from the car park. Tall trees lining the lake’s shore provide patches of shade for sunbathers. Reeds guard the edges of an open area from which swimmers can access Gorinsee’s waters.

Directions Parkplatz Waldstrand

In collaboration with WeShare, we planned and tested exciting excursions. All are easily accessible from Berlin and close to a series of e-charging stations.

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At WeShare, 24-hour rentals cost €59. Use the code LAKE10 to register for free, get €10 starting credit, and you’ll only pay €49 for the day! Set up your account today and start planning your next adventure.

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Setting out from the centre of Berlin we head north and it only takes us half an hour to drive to Gorinsee in our e-Golf. This little lake, with its oval-shaped surface, is 0.21 km2 large and two-metres deep. Tall trees lining the lake’s shore provide plenty of shade for sunbathers. A rectangular lawn invites you to relax on the grass not far from the car park. Thick clusters of reeds guard the edges of an open area from which swimmers can access the water. Though these waters can get quite turbid at times, Gorinsee makes up for its murky appearance with excellent water quality.

We spread out our belongings at a nice, little spot on the edge of the shore under the shade of a large oak tree. The view from here is stunning. We scan Gorinsee’s shoreline for all the smaller bathing spots and entry points that pop up between the reeds. Sheltered from the sun, we watch the branches sway in the wind, children playing in the sand, and the bright rays dancing to the rhythm of the waves on the lake’s glistening surface. Frequent dips in these cool waters prove themselves as the perfect escape from the 30-degree heat. After a light lunch, we embark on a mindful stroll through the forest, stopping by some of the more secluded bathing spots along the way.

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Back at the main beach, ice creams at the snack bar make for the perfect treat. The adjoining restaurant serves cold refreshments and simple comfort foods, best enjoyed from the terrace overlooking the lake. Feeling satiated and having had our fill of sun for the day, we decide to head home as afternoon closes in. With our trusty e-Golf safely guiding us back to Berlin, we turn up the volume on our Take Me to the Lakes x WeShare playlist and start planning our next lakeside adventure.



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It’s not hard to uphold social distancing guidelines at quiet spots, lonesome lakes, and enchanting bays. By partnering with WeShare, we’re thankful to have discovered an easy and carefree way of avoiding public transportation and minimising our contact with others on our day trips to the countryside. Especially in times of isolation and uncertainty, we’re grateful that we still have the opportunity to explore the beauty that lies beyond our city’s borders. Our trusty Berlin Edition is always here to lead the way.

Both Berlin and Brandenburg are equipped with an abundance of electric car charging stations—the city itself features over 400 outlets, and you’ll find numerous others scattered throughout the countryside! Install the Plugsurfing app on your phone for a comprehensive overview of the charging stations nearest to you.


Gorinsee (Berlin Edition, p. 23)

Car: 35 Min. | Location: 23 km from Berliner city centre | 16348 Wandlitz

Charging Station: Prenzlauer Str. 71, 16348 Wandlitz

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