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Unusual Places to Stay: Four Unique Accommodations in the German Countryside

Drift into a slumber in an architectural treehouse, wake up in a lighthouse overlooking expansive mudflats, hop straight into the Baltic Sea from a floating holiday home — we selected four unusual places to stay from our Weekender Editions to inspire you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Resort Baumgeflüster

Hamburg city centre 184 km
Weekender Edition Hamburg p. 322
Car 120 min
PT 120 min

baumgef Ta 01

When the Ottekens’ nine-year-old son watched a television broadcast about treehouse hotels in the United States, he was so fascinated by the concept that his entire family caught onto his enthusiasm. Together with architect Andreas Wenning, they founded Resort Baumgeflüster, one of Europe’s first treehouse resorts, in Ammerland. New York-based magazine departures even ranked it amongst the top ten in the world. The four 39 m² levitating suites were inspired by minimalist Bauhausian elements, their efficient use of space influenced by Le Corbusier. Nesting in Europe’s largest arboretum region, each uniquely named Resort Baumgeflüster holiday home — Ammerland, Alpen, Afrika and Asien — can host up to four guests.

The treehouses are luxurious, design-savvy and cosy, making it a truly magical place for a unique and unforgettable vacation. You’ll never want your stay here to come to an end. The processed, open-pored larch timber used in the houses’ construction has even been proven to help lower the human heart rate — longevity at its finest. To top it all off, every morning, Rotkäppchen (also known as Little Red Riding Hood) delivers a breakfast basket filled with warm bread rolls, homemade jams and regional delicacies directly to your doorstep. Need we say more?

Directions Resort Baumgeflüster


Wasserferienwelt Rügen

Berlin city centre 300 km
Weekender Edition Berlin Vol. I p. 196
Car 165 min
PT 270 min

pfahlhaus1 Wasserferienwelt Ruegen

Starting every day by jumping directly into the Baltic Sea’s waters and ending every night drifting off to sleep in a luxurious, floating villa? If this sounds like a dreamy way to spend a vacation, then Wasserferienwelt Rügen has your name on it. Guests can choose between the floating holiday homes, each providing space for two to six people, and houses on stilts, each accommodating two people. The views overlooking the Saaler Bodden and Vilm Island are absolutely spectacular.

After a good night’s rest, these gentle waters beckon you in. To go for a refreshing swim, dive headfirst directly from your terrace or make your way in slowly via the ladder. Many recreational activities are also on the agenda here — rent boats, kayaks or SUP boards, book guided fishing tours or sailing trips with a skipper, or even make arrangements to do your sailing license.

Directions Wasserferienwelt Rügen


Turm zu Schloss Schedling

München city centre 90 km
Weekender Edition München p. 152
Car 90 min
PT 120 min

schlossschedling Collage

If you’ve ever daydreamed about time travelling to the Middle Ages, Schloss Schedling’s grounds in Trostberg beckon. Sari Rechl runs this unique and unusual hotel in a historic tower. Her six vacation apartments merge authentic medieval flair with 21st-century design and comfort. The three Stubn flats accommodate two guests each, while the three Palais flats provide space for up to eight guests per apartment. In winter, you can spend your evenings cuddled up in front of the tiled wood oven and snuggled up in four-poster beds. The cosy outdoor seating area overlooking the surroundings beckons you outdoors in summer.

Fun daytime activities include touring the mountains on foot and letting your legs dangle in the Alz River, which winds its way down from Seebruck to Marktl am Inn. Lake Chiemsee’s shores are only a 15-minute car ride away, while Brunnensee and Griessee’s beaches and numerous other bathing spots in the region are all within reach.

Directions Turm zu Schloss Schedling


Leuchtturm Dagebüll

Hamburg city centre 190 km
Weekender Edition Hamburg p. 112
Car 135 min
PT 210 min

leuchtturm Aussen 05 (2)

This former lighthouse once guided ships on their voyages. Today it acts as a safe haven for travellers looking to journey inward — Tim Wittenbecher lovingly transformed Leuchtturm Dagebüll into a retreat for two. Whether you’re looking for an unusual place to stay with a friend or booking a special accommodation for your honeymoon — gazing at the night’s sky, enjoying expansive views from above and feeling completely detached from everyday life has rarely been this easy.

In 1929, this brick lighthouse was erected directly on top of the outer dike, a unique location that serves its guests well almost a century later — in the mornings, rays of sunlight peek through the large, panoramic windows and draw you out of bed. The glass facade provides fantastic views of the surrounding overgrown dikes, grazing sheep and expansive mudflats. Although you’ll have to forgo 24-hour room service here, this holiday apartment has all the makings of a miniature hotel — breakfast is delivered to your doorstep, the minibar is well stocked and the onsite whirlpool is a relaxing highlight. Set out to explore the surroundings where day trips to the beach, long walks along the mudflats and fun rides on the small trolley train that connects the marshy Halligen Islands await.

Directions Leuchtturm Dagebüll

Unusual getaways that make for adventurous vacations near the water’s edge

Our Weekender Editions feature the 50 most stunning accommodations near the water’s edge. We carefully curated these collections of getaways to guide slow travellers from the countryside around Berlin to Hamburg’s river beaches, from the Baltic Sea’s expansive beaches to the Alpine landscapes near Munich. Lovingly renovated farms, striking architectural holiday homes, tastefully furnished tiny houses and idyllic hotels await. We also write about the accommodations’ dedicated hosts who helped bring these spaces to life.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also feature smaller selections of special holiday homes, vacation rentals, apartments, hotels, campgrounds and cabins for each region in our Lake Editions. These handpicked getaways act as the perfect starting points for trips to the lakes, rivers and seas featured in our Take Me to the Lakes series.



Resort Baumgeflüster, Alasdair Jardine, Philipp Herrnberger, Alexander Hartmann, Florian Melzer, Turm zu Schloss Schedling


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