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A Weekend Getaway to Insel Werder and Haus am See

Set out from Berlin this and escape to Haus am See for a relaxing weekend on an island in Havel River.

Fotografien Jurek Brüggen, Stefan Walter
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Haus am See

Car 60 min.
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Haus am See is a 49-km drive from Mitte, Berlin, and our car brought us here safely in just under an hour. It’s always exciting to cross the sturdy bridge that connects the island to the mainland and lead into Werder’s historic centre. The rickety old streets and narrow cobblestone alleys evoke feelings from another time. To get to Haus am See, we took a left before hitting the market square. A sharp right-hand turn in front of the church, and we were delighted to find ourselves at our destination.

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Mornings at Haus am See are best spent sipping freshly brewed coffee on the terrace or behind the glass that overlooks the surrounding scenery. The housedesigned to accommodate two people, making it an ideal retreat for couplesis located on a refreshingly large piece of land. You can easily spend the entire weekend here without feeling the urge to leave the property, immersed in a book or lazing on a blanket on the lawn. One of our favourite features is the private pier that extends out into the river and beckons guests in for a swim. The house is also equipped with a mini outdoor pool. Meanwhile, in autumn and winter, the large free-standing bathtub and in-house sauna are definite highlights in hour books. And thanks to large floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views without having to brave the rain or the cold.

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It’s been more than ten years since Ursel Sieber first began transforming the 7,000 m2 property in the historic centre of the island Werder into a holiday home. Today, the distinctly modern design provides a stark, aesthetic contrast to the other accommodations in the listed buildings on the same site. As architecture and design enthusiasts, we are deeply appreciative of the concrete and wooden elements that weave through the house’s design. Knowing how popular this luxurious little house has become amongst fellow aestheticists in recent years, it’s advisable to consider making reservations for 2021 sooner rather than later, if possible.

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Directions Haus am See



If the expansive view of the water inspires you to do some aquatic exploring, Werder Krüger & Till’s boat rentallocated directly at the entrance to the islandis equipped with everything from SUP boards and rafts to kayaks and motorboats. For one of our favourite hikes in the region, set out for a stroll through the Glindower Alps (Glindower Alpen). This dense woodland has an almost jungle-like feel to it and is idyllically located just off Glindower See’s shoreline.

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The island Werder itself is small enough to be explored on foot. With a string of cafés to choose from, something is bound to take your fancy. Fischrestaurant Arielle serves some of the best catch in the region.

fischerei Arielle



Nearby Lakes

The region around Haus am See is not only characterised by Havel River’s ebb and flow but also known for its delightfully glistening lakes. Our favourites include Glindower See, Großer Plessower See, Großer Zernsee, and Schwielowsee. Head to our Weekender Edition Berlin for our top bathing spot recommendations in the area. Head to our Weekender Berlin Edition for more information.

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