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A Weekend Getaway at Gut Wolletz

Set out from Berlin and escape to Gut Wolletz in the Uckermark for a weekend of hearty home-cooked meals and revitalising autumnal walks. We’ve teamed up with the electric car sharing app WeShare to guide you to some of the most relaxing getaways in the region and inspire you to explore the countryside close to home.

Interior Photography Robert Wunsch
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Gut Wolletz

eGolf 75 min.
Weekender Edition Berlin p. 64
Charging Station Oberwall, 16278 Angermünde

For this week’s autumnal escape, our destination lies 100-km north of Berlin. We’re excited to spend the weekend at Guthaus Wolletz, a relaxing guesthouse just west of Angermünde and featured in Weekender Edition Berlin. This time around, we reserve an electric e-Golf that’s parked 950 metres from our doorstep—we’re happy to walk 10 minutes to a fully-charged car with a 250-km radius if it means it’s got enough juice to get us safely there and back.Turning into Gut Wolletz’s driveway, it almost feels like we’re coming home again. This erstwhile sheep stable is a lovingly refurbished guesthouse that features five holiday apartments, each with its very own kitchen unit and terrace. The views from the apartments span Schorfheide Chorin Biosphere Reserve’s vast fields and forests—an area best-explored by bicycle or on foot.

take Me To The Lakes Weekender Gutwolletz

apartment 02 018

Directions Gut Wolletz Parking Lot



Much to our surprise, clear skies and sunshine greet us at the windowsill Saturday morning. Barely able to contain our excitement, we set out around the lake directly after breakfast. This 17-km hike isn’t the shortest of walks, but we’re craving the exercise and happy to have an excuse to spend the entire day on our feet. The stunning landscapes that surround Wolletzsee feature myriad pale brown reeds, towering chestnut trees, winding dirt paths, dense foliage, and open fields. Five hours later, we come full circle and find ourselves all the way back at our doorstep at Gut Wolletz. Feeling only slightly famished, we delve directly into our culinary endeavours and cook up a storm in the fully equipped kitchen unit in our apartment. Gut Kerkow’s delicacies taste as delicious as ever!

take Me To The Lakes Weekender Gutwolletz 7

Directions Parking Wolletzsee


Kaffee Konsum

On Sunday, our tired feet tempt us to sleep in a bit longer, before rising mindfully and enjoying a light breakfast. Today, we plan on doing significantly less walking than the day before. We also want to be sure to leave a little room in our tummies for a late lunch at KaffeeKonsum. Since our weather app seems to confirm light on-and-off showers for the rest day, we pack our umbrellas, throw on our rain boots, and settle for the 1.5-hour stroll to Fischteicher Blumberger Mühle and back. Upon our return, we pack up the car and grab lunch at KaffeeKonsum (admittedly followed by an indulgent selection of coffee and cakes) before making our way home back to Berlin. Feeling revitalised from our short countryside getaway, we’re ready to dive back into the work week ahead.


Directions Kaffe Konsum Parking Lot

In collaboration with WeShare, we planned and tested exciting excursions. All are easily accessible from Berlin and close to a series of e-charging stations.

apartment 03 010

At WeShare, 24-hour rentals cost €59. Use the code LAKE10 to register for free, get €10 starting credit, and you’ll only pay €49 for the day! Set up your account today and start planning your next adventure.

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This year, we’ve partnered with the 100% electric car sharing app WeShare to provide you with an environmentally conscious, inexpensive and simple way to explore Berlin and Brandenburg’s lakes, rivers, forests and fields. Our local travel-loving teams selected some of the most relaxing getaways in the region from our Weekender Edition Berlin together. Get ready to embark on breathtaking day trips and unforgettable weekend escapes.

Install the Plugsurfing app on your phone for an overview of and access to the 400+ electric car charging stations in Berlin, Brandenburg and beyond.

Our soundtrack for your road trip with WeShare:

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