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A Weekend at Gut Boltenhof in Uckermärkische Seen Nature Reserve

Set out from Berlin and escape to Gut Wolletz in the Uckermark for a weekend of hearty home-cooked meals and revitalising autumnal walks. We’ve teamed up with the electric car sharing app WeShare to guide you to some of the most relaxing getaways in the region and inspire you to explore the countryside close to home.

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Gut Boltenhof

eGolf 75 min.
Weekender Edition Berlin p. 52
Charging station 17279 Lychen, Am Markt 1

This picturesque, little farmstead is located just 90-km north of Berlin, making it an ideal destination for long day trips or short weekend getaways. The Riest family turned Gut Boltenhof into a holiday home where time seems to stand still. Guests can choose between ten modern apartments, each with space for four to eight people, as well as six rooms in the old manor’s country inn. 

Suppose you’re looking to host a larger event, such as a wedding, yoga retreat or team building event. In that case, Gut Boltenhof also has an absolutely stunning venue in a tastefully refurbished barn. The hosts are experienced caterers and offer everything from suckling pig roasted over an open fire and extravagant buffets to champagne receptions with mouth-watering cakes. They’re also happy to provide an array of other event services, including sound and light technicians, catering staff, carriage rides and child care. Further highlights include a stunning outdoor area and a beautiful garden hall. 

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Self-sufficient living has been on Gut Boltenhof’s agenda for holiday-goers since 1997—guests can play an active part in the farmstead’s daily business. Promising fun for the whole family, children have the chance to ride farmer Uwe’s tractor, feed poultry and livestock, and even lend a helping hand during the harvest seasons. Donkeys, ducks and rabbits all call home to this loving environment.

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The region boasts some beautiful hiking trails and cycle tours, and we’d definitely recommend bringing your own bikes or renting them at the farm. If you book a stay here in summer, you can also rent a boat from the Riests and set out to explore the nearby waters. Haussee in Barsdoof is a great lake to cool down in. Bring your bathing suit, a picnic basket and a book and you’re set for the day. You can also head a bit further north and relax along Havel River’s banks.

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Directions Am Haussee

In collaboration with WeShare, we planned and tested exciting excursions. All are easily accessible from Berlin and close to a series of e-charging stations.

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A 24-hour WeShare rental costs €59. If you register with the code LAKE10,  you’ll get €10 starting credit, which brings the rental down to only €49 for an entire day. Simply sign up in the app for free, enter your code and start driving.

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This year, we’ve partnered with the 100% electric car sharing app WeShare to provide you with an environmentally conscious, inexpensive and simple way to explore Berlin and Brandenburg’s lakes, rivers, forests and fields. Our local travel-loving teams selected some of the most relaxing getaways in the region from our Weekender Edition Berlin together. Get ready to embark on breathtaking day trips and unforgettable weekend escapes.

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