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Take in the Views at Walchensee in the Bavarian Alps’ Foothills

Go wherever the wind takes you…

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Boating Rentals and Kitesurfing

Walchensee is suitable for all those who long for a combination of mountain idyll and mountain lakes. Head to Einsiedl, a small town on the Alpine lake’s southwestern shore, to secure a cosy spot on the lawn or rent a boat for the day. Kitesurfers will feel right at home at a nearby beach reserved for their kin.

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Beaches and forest meadows

If you’re looking to sunbathe in solitude, you’ll also find a series of pristine bathing spots along a private road further south, which you can access for a small fee.

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Directions South bank


Pebble beaches

 Water sports enthusiasts can also let the wind whisk them out onto Walchensee from a beach on the lake’s western shore. 

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Lake Walchensee

Spring has sprung and we’re dreaming of the enchanting escapes that await us in the months to come. Walchensee—one of Germany’s largest and deepest Alpine lakes—has much to offer. Nestled at the panoramic foothills of the Bavarian Alps, this turquoise-green basin boasts visibility of up to 10 metres. Set out uphill to take in the best views of the lake coupled with fresh mountain air and blossoming flowers. Next to Chiemsee, Tegernsee or Ammersee, this lake is no longer an insider tip. Nevertheless, we have found beautiful sunbathing lawns and bathing spots that are worth going to. We recommend heading up Jochberg (ca. 3.5 hours) or Herzogstand (ca. 4 hours). The latter’s peak is also easily accessible via the mountain railway.

With diving, sailing, fishing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing all on the agenda, Walchensee is especially appealing to active holiday-goers. Though the lake’s temperature rarely crosses the 22-degree mark, come summer, it’ll be hard to resist submerging yourself fully in its glistening waters.

Please note that our München Edition is currently only available in German.

Lake Walchensee | SÜD | p.172 | Take Me to the Lakes – München Edition


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