Take Me to the Lakes – Weekender Edition Berlin, English edition, 1st printing, softcover


1st edition, English, 2018 printed in Berlin,

softcover, 21,5×16,5, 336 pages,

50 accommodations close to the water

from the Berlin area to the beaches of the baltic sea,

 more than 100 waters with more than 160 bathing spots.

ISBN: 978-3-9818497-7-6

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When we presented 50 lakes in and around Berlin in spring 2017, we already knew there was more to be told: We weren’t only excited about the bathing spots we found, but also about all the holiday homes, boutique hotels and farms alongside the coasts of the many lakes we discovered. From the Berlin area across the south of Brandenburg up to the beaches of the Baltic Sea: Along the fields and lush meadows we came across hidden lakes, tasted homemade apple pie, walked along dirt roads through the seemingly untouched countryside and had lunch under chestnut trees. Often it was too late to head home again, so our day trips became weekenders.

In our WEEKENDER EDITION BERLIN, we present 50 selected accommodations close to the water we have discovered along our way. Whether lovingly renovated farms, houses designed by architects, eclectic furnished apartments or idyllic boutique hotels – we portray the people who run them and give personal insights to their lifes in the countryside.