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Autumn Awakening: Three Lake-Hopping Trips in Brandenburg and Berlin

Because all good things come in twos, we have paired up six lakes in the region that lend themselves to day-trips. Set out to explore the marvels of Barnim Nature Reserve, Potsdam’s Havelland and Märkische Schweiz Nature Park.

Words Cindy Ruch
Photography The Gentle Temper
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1 North

Take a walk through Barnim Nature Reserve and indulge in Fischerstube’s fresh catch of the day

Lakes Wandlitzer See & Stolzenhagener See
Tour 8.6 kilometres
Walking / Cycling 1 h 45 min / 30 min
Berlin Edition P. 55 & 63

Hop off the regional train RB27 at Bahnhof Wandlitzersee—the station is a short walk from the lake’s public beach, Strandbad Wandlitz. We recommend continuing right along the lake’s northeastern shoreline, which will eventually lead you to the southern tip of Stolzenhagener See. On your way there, you will pass two bathing spots where you can take a breakthe lawn and the wooden docks.

If you take snacks with you, make sure to leave a bit of room for a special treat later on in the day. Two kilometres further on Stolzenhagener See’s western shore the restaurant Fischerstube is well-worth the wait. Delve into their assortment of freshly caught, grilled fish. After lunch, you can also rent a boat from here and go for a paddle. Make your way back through the 600-year-old village Wensickendorf. From there, the regional train RB27 will take you straight home to Berlin.


tmttl Stolzenhagenersee 5

Directions Bahnhof Wandlitzsee

Return journey Bahnhof Wensickendorf

2 West

Waterfront wanderlust and a ferry-ride through Potsdam’s Havelland.

Lakes Großer Wannsee & Sacrower See
Tour 15 kilometres
Walking / Cycling 1 h 30 min / 1 h 30 min
Berlin Edition P. 181 & 195

This grand tour on the edge of the city promises breathtaking lakeside scenery and refreshing forest air. To enjoy a two-hour stroll along Großer Wannsee’s waterfront promenade, get off the train at S-Bahn Wannsee and walk in the direction of Liebermann-Villa. To your right: nothing but water as far as the eye can see. To your left: Düppeller Forest. Along the way, you will pass by the bathing spot Alter Hof as well as Peacock Island.

When you reach Krughorn, hop on the water taxi to cross Havel River. From there, head to the Protestant Church of the Redeemer in Sacrow’s port—the Italian architecture has an enchanting Mediterranean feel to it. This is a great place to take a little break and watch the sailboats propelling themselves forward with the help of the wind before continuing your trip to Sacrower See. Keep to its eastern shore, and you will come across a hidden clearing where you can also put down your belongings and take in the view.

Coffee and homemade cakes? Kladow Sommercafé at the Landhausgarten of Dr. Max Fraenkel is open till mid-October. The ferry from Kladow will take you back to the S-Bahn Wannsee. From the boat, you will be able to appreciate Wannsee for its impressive size—keep your eyes on the shore and see if you can spot the Strandbad.


tmttl Sacrowersee 5

Directions S-Bahnhof Wannsee

Return journey S-Bahnhof Wannsee

3 East

Enjoy an art-filled, scenic weekend in Märkische Schweiz Nature Park

Lakes Schermützelsee & Großer Tornowsee
Tour 15 kilometres
Walking / Cycling 3 h 15 min / 1 h
Berlin Weekender P. 224

First stop at Schermützelsee: Brecht Weigel House—the former summer residence of renowned artist couple Bertold Brecht and Helene Weigel. Keep walking along the lake’s shore until you arrive at Strandbad Buckow.

From there, the Weinbergsweg trail will lead you passed the so-called Schweizer Haus through the beauty of Stobbertal. Pay close attention, and you might be lucky enough to catch a glance of some of the beavers, otters, bats and other fauna that are native to this area. Ready for a break? Stop by Haus Tornow at Großer Tornowsee to indulge in a delectable assortment of cakes. If you take along an extra warm layer of clothing, you could also consider renting a canoe and exploring the lake’s foggy surface from above.
Start making your way back via the series of trails along Stöbber River towards Buckow. From there, you can add on an additional two-hour walk around Schermützelsee. This tour promises breathtaking views of the lake, tree-lined hillsides, and a series of gorges. In summer, you may also be greeted by rolling fields of yellow sunflowers.

If you would prefer to explore the area at a slightly slower pace, we recommend spending the weekend at Villa Honigpumpe. The lake looks especially stunning from the villa’s balcony at sunset.

tmttl Villahonigpumpe 4


Directions Buckow

Return journey Buckow

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